Monday, December 12, 2011


Welp... I really missed the train here.

Went to a real good blogmeet on Saturday organized by Roberta X

Lucky 13 of us sat around the big round table. Much knife talking, aviation, and engineering... mishaps. Disk-bursts are bad. And while electricity is not actually invisible it will screw you up.

Brigid has pics. And Tam has a good roundup of people that can actually write a summary within 24 hours.

It was great to meetup with OldNFO for the first time. And talk aviation and engines. Also with Uncle Jay who has a great Cuba story.

Mr.B, and Midwest Chick can't escape a mention either. And Old Grouch and the Lurker 1 and 2.

And oh yes... I solved the riddle of the Karl and won a free hat. Warm for winter and customizable for all your alt history and future needs.


Karl said...

Nice to meet you!

Congrats on winning the hat. Will we see a picture on your site soon?

my post:

The Jack said...

Thinking a good one in the snow could work.