Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Allegorical Threat is Through the Roof!

So take this idea:

And via Atomic Nerds, listen to 25 minutes of Cave Johnson guiding you through your testing adventures on alternate earths. It's a bunch of semi-random commentary for new content for Portal 2, but there's a bit of a narrative at work... if you squint hard enough.

If you think Aperture Science's CEO is great, just wait until you see some of his alternate universe selves.

Gotta love the references. Creepy kids, Mantis Cave, Black Mesa Cave, Wasteland Cave, J. Claims Rep. Cave, Michigan Slim Cave Johnson Hobo King, and my favorite Big-Box Cave. Aperture Paranormal, Aperture Rituals, Aperture Hollow Science Jungle, Game of Cat and... Cat. Stop Imposting! And the asparagus rations! All Hail the Sentient Cloud. Air ducts aren't a secret escape hatch.. they're how we ventilate the facility.

Chariots. Chariots. Chariots.

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