Monday, June 24, 2013

Bidet Shoot ARR....

That was a great time!  There's too... too much to talk about in one post so I'll hit a few notes.

It's a shame so many people canceled (especially since some of the reasons were tragic), but the upside was that the group was small enough to make managing the firing line easy.

Well there's first the Birthday Boy Oddball for organizing this (for a given value of organized...)  and for doing some epic things with a 50bmg.  And the tannerite. Also toilets blow up nicely,  while bidets are very tough.

Also to wizardpc  for all his camera work.  (He got some vid of the "closing salute"). And I can't forget Roadkill either.  It's weird not being the tallest or hairiest guy at an event.  Also among other things Wenthe proved that an icecream cake can get too cold.

And of course Erin for getting me involved.  As I hardly knew Oddball before all this. And gave me a chance for some light bribery. (I had some extra ammo that she could use, always a positive for you GM).

And interestingly Freiheit  was there and has started  blogging.  Starting with a review of a familiar gun.

And mustn't forget James Cook and his father Jim for arranging and hosting the range. 

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