Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A warning on handloads.

Bayou Renaissance Man has a cautionary tale on why reloading (while rewarding) has to be done with care.

He's also got another story that starts off like this:
Reloading is fun, interesting, and a lot cheaper than buying factory ammunition . . . but it has its dangers.  They can involve powder, like the tale above;  or they can involve carelessness in other ways.  My favorite is a friend of mine in South Africa who smoked a pipe. 
I won't spoil how that story goes.

So go and give a read.

And I can't talk about the risks of handloads without mentioning my own mistake.
I will note that it's been many years and so far I have not had another incident, let alone a repeat.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cracked on how corrupt and overly powerful the police are

So last week Cracked Ran an article on how powerful police interrogations can be.
(But doesn't talk about why that's a real good idea to lawyer up once you've stated the minimum the situation deems appropriate. )

And today they did a piece about how abusive, racist and crazy US Police departments can be.

Keep these articles in mind the next time Cracked has an article going on about how "there ought to be a law!".

Cracked On Sandy Hook Truthers.

This is a heartfelt article on a parent's loss and the nature of how conspiracy theories work.

Not much to criticize about that.

But...  reading it one notices that the article repeatedly says "gun control never happened".

It's their blithe attempt to debunk a pillar of the "Truther" movement that is "The government orchestrated X tragedy in order to exploit it."

Here's the problem with saying "gun control never happened". Post Sandy Hook New York,  Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado and other states *did* pass stricter gun control in response to the killings.

And the President himself lobbied congress heavily to pass bills that would ban certain guns.

This is like saying "Bush didn't cause 9/11 because the Patriot act never passed"  or "We never invaded Iraq."

Obviously, the Sandy Hook Truthers are nuts, but saying they're wrong because "gun control didn't happen" is factually incorrect.

And then there's this...

 Some of these interviews didn't sit right with the conspiracy-minded, especially those who feared that the tragedy would be used as a pretext for gun control.

Well... yes  wasn't the tragedy used by Gun Control advocates as a reason to pass laws they thought would make things safer?  They were pretty open about using it as a pretext for gun control.

Here we see the article being very sloppy with terminology.  Basically, they're saying that because guns weren't fully banned, that there was "no gun control".

Heck don' gun control advocates go on and on about "gun control" is not "gun confiscation"? And that "nobody wants your guns"?

But here we have an article that deliberately equates gun control with mass confiscation.

What's funny is only a minor edit could have removed this bit from the article.

Just replace "gun control" with "mass confiscation" and the point would stand.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SO Cracked takes on Fast and Furious

So Cracked decided to wade into the whole ATF trafficking in guns to Cartels.

Why yes, they do blame all the Mexican gun violence on American gun laws.

And yes they do fear-monger on 50 bmg rifles.  Despite sheepishly admitting....

The Barrett is a rifle with almost no practical criminal uses. It weighs around 30 pounds and costs as much as a damn car. 

Oh but don't worry, they manage to blame you American gun owners.

The reason the cartels had use for the Barrett is chilling: When you're as large as, say, Los Zetas, your "turf wars" involve the Mexican army. A gun that can shoot through tanks is pretty useful for that. And, lucky for them, America had a surplus of Barretts, because "fuck yeah."

Note that these obviously illegal transactions are being done on the order of the ATF.
But it's us who get blamed.

This made for an interesting customer service dilemma: How do you deal with a customer you know is:

1. Actively providing firearms to one of the most dangerous organizations in the world and ... 2. Being monitored by the ATF, so ... 3. They're probably gonna go to super-prison for that.

Oh bless your heart.  You thought people would go to jail...

Oh wait... the next part admits that nope... the ATF botched even watching the straw purchasers.  And didn't have enough to get em.

Good job!

And note this bit of blame...

If our source's store had just followed their guts and refused to sell to the most obviously sketchy buyers, the world would've been a little bit safer. Instead, the ATF lost 1,400 (or more!) weapons to Mexico. Two of those weapons were tracked to the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent:

Recall that the store actually alerted the ATF.  And told them about this... and the ATF told them to continue the sales.  And it's... somehow the fault of the gun-store.

Meanwhile the worst Cracked has for the ATF is calling them "kooky".  Even through they admit that at least 150 people have been hurt or killed by those exact weapons.

And the article ends with a "junk on the bunk" picture to show how scary tat 50bmg is...  while not mentioning the RPG right next to it.

And in dog that didn't bark fashion... Cracked doesn't mention that no one at the ATF faced consequences for these actions.   Nor that the President was using carnage in Mexico to demand gun control....

Though the Cracked article itself did implicitly demand gun control.

Well, at least Cracked has admitted that the ATF did gunrunning.  Baby steps.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cracked Thinks Any Pro Gun Response is Awful.

Well....  Some Gun Control...
Well 20% of their list.

Here's their 5 Awful Public Reactions You See After Every Tragedy

In short

#5  The Hero: How dare someone suggest that someone armed might be able to stop a mass shooting.

#4 The Topper: This one's reasonable as it's about people who try to one-up the outrage.

#3 The Problem Solver:  Simplistic problems are laughable. Now they actually make a token swipe at the "Let's make bullets cost $1000!", but the rest is mocking the idea of armed self defense.

Then we get to the two fun ones.

#2 Don't you dare Politicize this to fit your agenda!

#1 How dare you tell someone to not to Politicize this to fit their agenda!

But here's their attempt to excuse the inconsistency:

The exception to the Agenda-Seizer, as those of you taking notes should know, is the person who wants to talk about a relevant issue. ... Or, to pick another completely random example, if there's a mass shooting, then it's actually pretty goddamn reasonable to talk about guns. 

Except Cracked thinks it's unreasonable to talk about pro-gun issues after a tragedy.  And that it's unreasonable to point out that the laws being pushed, such as Universal Background Checks... aren't even applicable to the situation.

This also goes into the whole point that  it's Gun Control Advocates who demand no one dare disagree with them, and then act as if there's no such thing as a debate over gun issues.

Also take note.  In an article that's really all about how Mass Shootings should be politicized to push gun control,  the only specific gun control proposal they mention is the token one they mock.  Interesting tone shift from a publication that only recently was pushing for the Australian style confiscation and bans.

But that shows that the actual  gun law is secondary.  It's more the emotional response of "Something Must be done."

Aside from mocking Cracked, this article does make something to think on.  While it's not an example of an Ideological Turing Test the article does show an utter inconsistency in thinking

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The high status of lethal weapons?

Watch to the conclusion to see why swords are high status.
Specifically why being able to carry around a sword day to day was high status...
And for a modern version, consider how May Issue restricts carry to the wealthy & connected and their retainers.

Conversely that means Shall Issue (let alone Constitutional or permitless carry) is extremely egalitarian. And thus makes carry law a very useful litmus test for how much a person really is committed to the idea of equal rights.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cracked *almmmoooost* endorses the Judicious use of Force and Self Defense

So in an article talking about

So Cracked has an article about how Deadpool was Exactly as violent as it needed to be.

Okay... and they talk about how violence is part of art and narrative conflict and is entertaining.

Quite right.

And then the article goes beyond its use in fiction and into real world violence, and then about how there's good and bad violence...

We're told so very often growing up that violence is never the answer. But what about when it is? 
Oh... so maybe they'll tall about self defense?

Adam Brown steps into the ring against Ronda Rousey and spectators have paid $20 a head to watch this debacle and the winner gets a free dinner and a Fitbit, what is it we've come to see? We're all waiting for the show. If neither party fights, then we didn't get what we came for and everyone is disappointed. Violence was the answer, in this case. In pro boxing, in MMA, in the WWE, violence is the answer.


And later on...

Much like alcohol and drugs can be abused, a car can be used as a weapon, and you can use fire to cook a tasty burger or burn down an orphanage, violence in general can be abused. To lump it all together under one banner as bad, or subhuman, or crass and bestial, does a disservice to humanity and insults us all.

The funny part... is that they're talking about bloodsports ( yes the article itself uses that term).
So violence is okay if it's for entertainment....

Heck note the article has "weapon" as a universal negative on the car example.

But points to Cracked for at least pointing out about consent and that just because someone else abuses X doesn't mean that X should be banned.

Huh...   odd that only a couple weeks ago they were going on about how violent movies are to blame for mass shootings...