Sunday, February 1, 2015

Only Children....

Cracked Talks about Only Children.

In my experience this is pretty correct.  Especially items 1 and 2.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yeah... pot legalization versus tobacco prohibitionists...

California has effectively decriminalized marijuana (possession of less than an ounce is a civil matter roughly equivalent to a speeding ticket — a rarely written speeding ticket), and the state has a medical (ahem) marijuana program that is, for the moment, largely unregulated. At the same time, the state is launching a progressive jihad against “vaping,” the use of so-called e-cigarettes that deliver nicotine in the form of vapor. The state public-health department says that this is justified by the presence of certain carcinogens — benzene, formaldehyde, nickel, and lead—in e-cigarette vapor. But by California’s own account, all of those chemicals are present in marijuana smoke, too, along with 29 other carcinogens.
If that seems inconsistent to you, you are thinking about it the wrong way: For all of its scientific pretensions and empirical posturing, progressivism is not about evidence, and at its heart it is not even about public policy at all: It is about aesthetics.

Yes much of progressivism seems to be social signaling via Positional Goods (both opinions and actual items).  Which is ironically rather like being in a rather traditionalist, conformist and shame-based culture.

(Oh and as a bonus, guess what wikipedia doesn't mention in their article on Monopsonies.  The closest they get is a half-hearted mention that maybe the  Pharmaceutical Industry in Australia might be one)

Vaping is, from the point of view of your average organic-quinoa and hot-yoga enthusiast, a lowlife thing. It is not the same thing as smoking, but it looks too much like smoking for their tastes. Indeed, California cites the possibility of vaping’s “re-normalizing smoking behavior” as a principal cause of concern. Dr. Ron Chapman, director of the California Department of Public Health, says that vaping should be treated like “other important outbreaks or epidemics.”

Again, normalizing smoking is wrong! (Only for tobacco...) .  And the carcinogens in vaping are bad... never mind those in pot...

Progressivism, especially in its well-heeled coastal expressions, is not a philosophy — it’s a lifestyle. Specifically, it is a brand of conspicuous consumption, which in a land of plenty such as ours as often as not takes the form of conspicuous non-consumption: no gluten, no bleached flour, no Budweiser, no Walmart, no SUVs, no Toby Keith, etc.
There is not much that I myself am inclined to ban, from Big Gulps to recreational drugs, and I do appreciate that the main problem with rocky-road ice cream is the same as the problem with cocaine: It is exactly as good as advertised. 
And this is why I wrote this post.
You've got someone on the Metrocon Fortnightly approving drug legalization.  Even equating coke with ice cream.

There's also the fun bonus of people with private jets screaming about how the proles need to drive less.  And the evergreen "Trains are cool and European; buses are icky."

But then there's this...

This habit extends throughout the culture. For example, there is precisely as much evidence for the theoretical basis of yoga (the flow of mystical energy through the nāḍi, which, strictly speaking, do not exist) and chiropractic (the manipulation of vitalistic “innate intelligence,” which also, strictly speaking, does not exist) as there is for the young-Earth creationist notion that Adam rode out of Eden on the back of a prancing brontosaurus. But those ideas receive radically different receptions. 


Friday, January 30, 2015

There's scoring an own goal...

and then there's picking it up with your hands and tackling your own goaltender with a dive into the net.

Sure the President's plan to tax 529 College savings accounts was a bit of cynical political theater.  The measure itself was not expected to pass, but instead be a talking point about how mean the GOP is.

But instead...  529 savings accounts are a primary means of upper middle class, often Blue state living parents.  IE a core demo of the president's coalition.

But it gets worse.

See not only were other members of his party kept out of the loop, but the President himself uses these accounts for his own daughter's future education.

That's just amusing, and sadly typical.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Okay Cracked.... you made me laugh.

But maybe not for the reason you expected.

 I take a tiny bit of enjoyment on the difference in tittles.  See on the homepage this article is called "5 Things You Don't (Want to) Know About Your Justice System"  but on its own page the article is titled 5 Ways America's Justice System is Designed to Screw You

And this bit:  " The advantage [public defenders have] is that in our brief year or two on the job, we're able to see a shitload of cases. That means we know which judge is more sympathetic to single mothers and which prosecutors seek excessive sentences. Meanwhile, private attorneys spend most of their time in family or corporate law -- rarely do they do criminal cases full-time, and they don't see a fraction as many as we do."

Yeah...  that's why if you find yourself needing legal representation for a major charges...  maybe just maybe you shouldn't get someone without experience...

And for the self defense angle.  This is why it's kind of important to have a self defense attorney in hand.   Especially given the whole "Do not talk to the police." thing.

Course...  as bad as the American justice system is I'd prefer it head and shoulders over other first world nation's systems like say... Japan or Italy or France.  (And that's not to say that there aren't reforms that are required.. but that's another can of worms)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New K31 Polymer Charger Clips.

Oh neat.

Northridge is making polymer charger clips for the K31 and Schmidt-Rubin rifles (G1911, K11, G96/11). About time someone did this! The originals were meant to be disposable, and are remarkably difficult to find these days. The polymer ones look good, but are still prototypes (I tried hard, but couldn’t get the booth rep to let me take one to try out). They should be available in a couple months, and I will be getting a few to test out and let you know how they run. Price is planned to be $14 each or 2 for $20. That’s not much less than original, but at least they will be available…and hopefully the price will drop over time.

Oh,  well the price could be better.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 is so transgressive...

That they have an article of someone who was wrongfully suspected of plotting a school shooting...  demand the schools and the police be even more intrusive.

See...  because he was a goth who wrote bad poetry...  which in his own admission wasn't exactly threatening...   the cops and school admin determined he was a... goth who wrote bad poetry.

And yes, seriously this is what he was demanding:

If you were a cop and charged with investigating whether or not some kid was the insane shooter anonymous tipsters were making him out to be, what steps would you take? Intense questioning of the suspect? A meeting with his parents? Maybe obtain a warrant to search his house for weapons? Check back every couple days for signs of mental deterioration? Nothing at fucking all?
And then he explains the "nothing" the cops did,  which was interview him and monitor is place of employment.

Oh and the school also "did nothing"  well other than:

I told the principal why I wrote the words I wrote, made it perfectly clear that I never had any intention of doing anything remotely violent, and insisted that I never threatened his or anyone else's lives. That's all. I even threw in the self-deprecating line about how there was no way I'd be invited to a party, so there was no way I could incite a panic at one. And I still got spared.
And gee... I'm sure the principal wasn't talking with the cops, nor looking at the writer's school records.

But the real funny part?  The writer opens of with this:

Here's something we keep forgetting about mass shooters... they usually tell us they're about to murder.
Now note... he opens with how mass shooters are pretty open with their intents, even linking to an article that shows that these goblins have a long history of visible early warning signs. 

Could the school admin and the cops have done more?  Well that's a leading question isn't it.  But hardly from "doing nothing", in this case, the authority figures acutally seemed to ascertain the writer's actual situation.

You know normally the people demanding "We need to do something!"  aren't directly asking for a jackboot to the neck.  But sometimes... they cut out the middleman.

Well at least he's not using this do demand more gun control. Well... recall the quote above. What did I cut out? That's where he went on about the Newtontruthers and used them to laugh off the idea that the President wanted to buy guns.

He also went on a joke about how "You can buy guns at Walmart!" Because apparently we need to "close the FFL loophole".

But other than that no demands for any sort of legislation or  even mentioning "gun culture".   So there is that.

Monday, January 26, 2015