Saturday, January 9, 2021

Cracked: The police are Horrible Racists: Let's give them more power!

Remember how yesterday Cracked was hoping that Congress would pass some strong gun control in reaction the Sacking of the Capitol (where the only person shot was by a cop...)

Well today Dan Duddly (who you've seen before) is comparing a bad action flick of taking over (and holding hostages) in the Whitehouse, versus a mob in the Capital that didn't capture anyone and was chased out

But it gets better, when talking on how they rioters get in:

Armored assault vehicles? Who needs em? Just ask the police nicely, and they'll let you through the gates.


Of course, maybe that wouldn't have worked since the terrorists in Olympus Has Fallen were North Korean, and the ones attacking the Capitol on Wednesday were um ... well, look at the videos and see if you can pick out a common theme. 

So they're gonna mainstream that theory? There it is. 

Given yesterday's plea for gun control Cracked thinks that racist cops who (in this specific case worked with literal pillaging vandals), and Cracked has have at many many times exposed US law enforcement institutional corruption,  sympathized with BLM.... shoudl have more police power. 

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