Friday, February 8, 2008

Bookcases, rotting fish, and good fish.

Some Furniture is hard to find.

I've got a spare bedroom and a mess of books.

Naturally, I thought bookcases and some sort of futon. Make it viable as a guest room and a library.

I'd attach a photo of the room, but right now it's just got a dresser, a chair, and some boxes.

Now bookcases are easy to find... if you want regurgitated fiberboard with a paper printed in the pattern of wood glued on.

That strikes me as a bit... tacky, but maybe it fits my taste in books: engineering texts, aircraft reference books, Terry Pratchett, Clancy, and a mess of other books. No literary greats here, but I would like some nice furniture.

I live in a city of about two million people. There should be some place to get a good bookcase.

Oak is my goal, something with a good stain, or can take one. Another idea is glass. I have a glass-top desk and a glass coffee table for the living room.

I like the hardwood and glass combination, but... a bookcase is load bearing, and I do have heavy texts.

So I'm still looking.

Not the most thrilling thing, but I don't feel the need to prattle on about work. I enjoy my job, so no complaints there.

As for Politics... well... of the people that are left, McCain is about it, as for the democrats... those two are nearly identical on policy, which leaves identity, and they're bashing each other apart.

It's been an "interesting" primary, and will be an "interesting" general election too. This election cycle has been going on and on and on... and the prospect of it narrowing down to some sort of end. Well it's kind of like finally finding that fish that's been rotting in the ductwork.

Speaking on more pleasant fish, Asaka has proven to be an enjoyable establishment and I regularly go.

It's nice that there's rather good sushi available this far inland. I also like that it's not a trendy place. Sushi is still an exotic fad food, and crappy rolls can easily be unloaded onto trendy knobs that don't know any better.

I suppose I can keep more up to date on this. It might give a bit easer way to keep track of things.

Speaking of books, I have found a few good ones and will give some comments on them in a later post.


Sean said...



Vote Bob Dole in 2008. Write in if you must!

The Jack said...

Bob Dol.. well of all the half paralized ED spokesmen he is the best prospect as a president.