Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, I will say this. Obama has shown leadership and judgment befitting his temperament and experience.

Those were my thoughts on seeing how Obama handles the "challenges" of actually being President.

"vbspurs" has some similar thoughts.

That cool cat with the million dollar smile. The post-partisan uniter of all Americans, the guy who was going to cure our nation's ills with his wonderful speeches, and steady calm hand. Mr. Cute Puppies, Happy Rainbows and Chocolate Chip Cookies. HIM.

Because when he took his first Air Force One trip to Williamsburg, VA (9 minutes one-way from D.C.; take that carbon credits!) to address the House Democrats' retreat, he belted forth with such angry frustration at the Stimulus Package meeting resistance, that I had to blink.


Or do you reckon that in the 47 years of his time on earth, no one had actually, really told him "no", "you can't", "you have to wait", "hey, what's your hurry", and lastly, "settle down, you're behaving like a brat throwing a tantrum" and, "Oh my God, did you just totally give me the bird"?

Because that would explain his petulant, almost Reverend Wrightish delivery, with that strange preacher cadence he assumed on the campaign trail -- which is so very at odds with his new Office.

Alas, I'm afraid I've come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is a rather spoilt man, unused to waiting for anything he wanted, unused to real challenge after having been everyone's darling since the time he was very young.

I think that hits the nail on the head. Our President never met a situation he couldn't charm, talk, or cover his way out of. And when in doubt he could just campaign for the next highest office.

Well... Mr. President. You can't do that now. Though it will be darkly humorous to watch you try.

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vbspurs said...

Thanks so much for linking to my post! :)

Well... Mr. President. You can't do that now. Though it will be darkly humorous to watch you try.

Darkly humourous is exactly right. Alas, I would be laughing on the wrong side of my mouth, since I could take watching him stumble if our country were not along for the ride. ;(

It'll be an interesting 4 years, though.