Thursday, August 13, 2009

More on Trust.

I've mentioned sketpism about the accuracy of polls before, which is why minor shifts on day to day can easilly be discounted, but they are an interesting insight into trends.

Speaking of trends. Scroll down to his Approval Index and Job Approval.

Those trends are well outside any jitter or error.

From Ace: Rasmussen: For First Time in Over Two Years, GOP More Trusted on Health Care; Super-Popular President Who Men Want to Be and Women Want to Be With Now at All-Time Low of 47%

Fox News poll: 69% now expect Obama to break promise about not raising taxes
There’s so much dismal news for The One in these crosstabs, I honestly wasn’t sure to lead with. The GOP erasing a 13-point Democratic lead on the generic ballot in April to pull dead even now? 57 percent declaring the White House snitch line inappropriate? A 52/29 split on the question of whether town hall outrage is authentic or artificial? Or a 13-point surge in the number of people since March who say they’d like to see less of The One on TV? (Overall split is 25/49, among independents it’s 22/50.)


Note: Even a near-majority of Democrats no longer buys the White House nonsense about not raising taxes on the middle class.

It's like people are feeling betrayed by Obama and Congress and feeling that they can't trust him and them.

I wonder why?

There's gotta be some reason?


It's not like dissident has gone from the highest from of patriotism to "evil-mongers". Oh... wait.

Consider this further proof, though, that William McGurn was right in dubbing ObamaCare the left’s new religion, with protester-heretics now officially deemed “evil” for shouting about it. Exit question: Isn’t this actually the left’s line on the right in all policy disagreements? Pick any issue you like, foreign or domestic, and liberal conventional wisdom has some nefarious explanation available for the conservative position. Warmongering, racism, exploiting the poor, “controlling women’s bodies” — you name it, they’ve got an “evil” ulterior motive to account for it. I wonder why it took Reid this long to drop the E-bomb. He must really want to win this debate.

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