Saturday, March 20, 2010

Worms: Can Of.

Larrery Anderson list the problems: Probable Constitutional Challenges to ObamaCare Read it all.

This is beyond it being budget bursting, corrupt, power hungry, care limiting, and self serving to Dem special interests. These are fundamental problems in regards to the core to US law.

At least now everyone in America will now know what us Second Amendment supporters have known for years, the political elite hold the Constitution, Limited Government, the Rule of Law, and you in contempt.

And that is the short list of possible constitutional challenges. Beware Democrats: if you pass ObamaCare, a constitutional hurricane is headed right for you.

There has to be one. We have to fight this, because Statism never stops. They'll keep pushing and controlling more and more. Look at how legislative process has been tortured to get ObamaCare nearly to the finish line.

Think they won't do the same for Cap and Trade, Amnesty, Assault Weapons Ban? Why wouldn't they?

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