Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better"

That was Bill Whittle on Trifecta, talking about the Mass Media and the Left's thrashing about due to their losing control of the narrative.

Watch it all. Scott Green also asks "The facts are coming out and everything has been in direct contradiction to what the left has said since Saturday... so why won't they back down?"

Whittle concludes that the media's actions are evil.
And he's not alone.

It doesn't matter how much evidence you present that Loughner was a straight-up whackjob, not a right-wing whackjob -- the apocryphal They will insist with Their dying breath that he was a Tea Party radical. To admit otherwise would be to betray Their cause, and that would be worse than any falsehood spoken to the enemy's face.

It's a downright evil movement at work.

Ace on the Authoritarian Media and how they keep getting deeper and deeper:

This does feel different, though. This feels, as another writer (forget the name) said, as if the media has formally declared war.

And yeah, I guess gee whiz I can't say war anymore; but it does feel like they've decided there's no sense in a covert, or cold war, with us anymore; now it's out in the open. They'll say whatever they like. Truth has never been much of a restraint, but now it's not even a consideration. What they are required to print to advance their agenda, they will print, period, full stop.

And what is this war being fought over? Over the slight they feel that we no longer pay attention to them, that we no longer care what the fuck they think; since we're not listening, they'll just have to SAY IT LOUDER THEN WON'T THEY?

What these people fear is not being able to set the boundaries of "civility". They fear unapproved ideas getting out there, of people questioning them, and thus... this.

At first they called people questioning the Leftist agenda racists, now we're being called murderers.

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Joanna said...

Maybe our side's motto should be "Now hang on a minute ... "