Friday, December 20, 2013

Quote of the Day.... Surprise Edition.

Okay let's start with the quote first.

When objects transcend from their objective description and function (e.g. a fork) and are elevated to the status of symbols, with subjective values assigned them (e.g. a firearm) they seem to enter a realm where logic is easily surrendered to emotion, and rationality is occluded by passion. From that point on, the management of such objects becomes less about what they objectively do, and more about how people emotionally relate to them as an idea. Good luck regulating emotions.

Hmmm.... someone talking about how too much emotions cloud judgement about firearms law?

Well, the reference to "management" might mean the person is for gun control.  However, the last line is pretty sarcastic about the folly of it.

Okay so it could go either way. I mean both the antis and gun rights people think the other side imbues guns with totemic powers and agency.

Hmm...  well  here's a hint.    This is in comment to a pro-gun control comic where in the last panel there literally is a gun whispering corruptive sweet nothings into the ear of an unwitting man.  And the narration outright blames the guns themselves.

Well, most gun law are passed in an emotional rush and are more about "feeling good" or "punishing the other" than stopping "crime".  Just look at how Assault Weapons are defined.   Is that logical and rational or just surrendering to emotion and passion?

Well for another hint, the comic was posted in Daily Kos.  Link from the always funny Tam

Hmmm so...   sarcastic trolling by a gunnie? Or gun grabber who is so deluded that they ended up coming out the other side as to be profound?

Sorry to announce that user gunnergoz is actually a died in the wool anti, complete with "interviews" with frothing evil righties clinging to their guns.

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