Thursday, January 16, 2014

If you want to help Someone out *and* order some knitted geek swag.

You may have remembered those great Jayne hats from the Squeak or Treat raffle.

Well Evelyn Hively the maker of those wonderful hats  her siblings have gotten into a spot of trouble and she's looking to help them. 

And here's what's in the offering.

I am offering Dr. Who Scarves (there's a 100 dollar version and a 425 version which is a very accurate one, as per several hours of research), they are both full sized but take 2.5 months to make.   I am offering Ma Cobb hats (these are usually 30), Tardis themed hats (30), dolls, shawls, bags, afghans, normal scarves, baby gift sets, custom coats etc.
This is not a donation, but a loan that I am paying you back with knit and crocheted goods as fast as I can make them.  There's two ways to get ahold of me:1) On Facebook I am Jade Rose Zen.2) Etsy located here:

Easy and good to order from.  And now your timing might be as good as mine, as she had just finished a large Jayne hat just before I talked with her.

Link from Erin who's been busy boosting the signal.

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