Monday, February 24, 2014

Yeah I know it's another Tom story....

But this one's quite amusing.

So here's another story from Mr. A's  more blue collar progressive friend.

And he came up to a mutual friend in law school with this question:
I got a question maybe you can shed some light on in my town there's some sort of bylaw they put on the books. Once a year we have to pay them 60 dollars and they come into our home, make sure our fire detectors have batteries and check the temp on our water heater. If we refuse them we can be evicted. How the hell is this legal? Why do cops need warrants but these dipshits can just barge right in?
Just bask in the realization of what his policies of "common good" and "important regulations" have wrought.

The law school friend replies amazingly with a straight face:  "Because those dipshits aren't cops. They're there to perform a "necessary function of government" well, a necessary service. Also! those guys? if they see anything illegal? you don't have 4th amendment search and seizure rights"

To which Tom replies:

That's so fucked. We can check our own fire alarms, thank you. And why the fuck do they get to dictate what temp we can set our water heater to? And how is that a valid administrative reason? Apparently checking batteries qualifies and pretty much everyone has smoke detectors

Careful there buddy!  You're starting to sound like you're some libertarian nut job.  Besides you've got nothing to hide, right citizen?

Remember this IS a man who thinks people should be finned if they don't buy health insurance.

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