Saturday, March 22, 2014

Know what the anti-gun movement thinks they need? Even LESS grassroots!

That's what Timothy Bal  advocates in a brief, but amazingly delusional NYT letter to the editor.

Weer'd points out that this is another example of the Antis not bothering to understand how the opposition (us)  thinks.  Basically Bal has a two-pronged approach.

1) A mass evacuation and boycott  of "decent" people from pro-gun states.

2) Have those same people raise money to pass gun control... in the places they just left.

Yeah...  instead of wanting people to be more active and actually be able to vote and personally advocate to accomplish what he wants,  Bal is instead telling people to turn tail and simply cut checks to Bloomberg.

Look,  I can get leaving a state because you can't stand its laws.
(I moved out of New York)

And I can get wanting to do something to "help" where you used to live.
(I'm a member of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association)

But here's the thing,  I don't think moving out of New York positions me to be more effective at lobbying for New York gun rights.

But really Bal's argument is a concession that the gun grabber grassroots (such as it is) would do better concentrating their efforts...   holding ground in their home turf.

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