Friday, February 9, 2018

Cracked: Have racism allegories in your stories..... No not like that!

Shorter Cracked:
But they're all female. So that has to count for something, right?

1) Stop making your fantasy-allegorical races physically /different/!
2) Stop having humans react to non-humans in a way that changes their current prejudice stack! (Why I mean it's not historically the definition of who counts as "white" can expand depending on the number of "non-white" people are around)
3) Stop giving them unique/special powers!
4) And stop giving them fantastical and interesting threats!
Gee.... and then they ponder "Gee why aren't people interested int he stories that we want to say?"

Mostly I linked this because I'm back in the saddle of writing a story that has an alien species that well... are stronger than humans, have abilities humans don't have, and oh yes look like demons.


Erin Palette said...

I thought Cracked was unable to pay its authors which is why a crapton of them were laid off. Are they solvent now? Or did Cracked manage to get people to write for free?

The Jack said...

Given all their articles instead of ending with the "want to write for Cracked we pay" they now link to their "give Cracked money" page...

That said this particular writer isn't new, but her previous writing for Cracked was... thin. So in her case it's a backbencher being put up front because that's what's left.