Saturday, April 19, 2008

Out of Context?

BHO is right, there is a "say anything do anything, slash and burn to politics that keeps any real progress"

And he's a part of it.

Again with this point. BHO is just another politician. He takes quotes out of context. He smears rivals. He takes money from big business and the wealthy. He was a part of the corrupt Chicago political machine. He associates with very... questionable people for political expediency.

Most of you can say that yes this is what politicians do.

That's the point, BHO is running what he calls "new politics". He is telling people that he is different, and that he won't be the same old political games. The evidence shows that this is a lie.

It's a very handy lie. It's a great way to get fawning supporters (rubes) that don't know any better and it's a great cover, it even explains, his gigantic lack of experience. Even Hillary! has more experience managing people and running things than him.

It's no accident that he has "Change we can believe in" as a slogan. Belief is not rational. You don't have people logically weighing the pros and cons of a god and then picking one. Even BHO says that his conversion to Wright's flock was spiritual.

So right there up front is the admission, feelings and hope in this eloquent man are more important than any actual facts.

If they were, you'd have to have people dispassionately look at BHO's record, associates and judgment and then compare these to his competitors.

Granted this is exactly what I did and why I reluctantly support McCain.

But I suppose one could prefer BHO on rational metrics, especially if you were for wealth-redistribution, dramatic expansion of the gov, and pretty much every other far left canard.

In that case, yes BHO is your man.

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