Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You stay Classy DNC

So the DNC is now using footage of American troops being hit by an IED to futher their own ambitions...

You know... other organizations use the same tactic.

At least unlike AQ, the DNC didn't film the footage itself, they just took it from Moore.


Update: Simon Owens of Blogasm says he found the source. In a snarky but civil post about Michelle Malkin, he finds that it's from Getty Images, which could have been where Moore got it.

It's still not a classy ad.

Guess there are external readers to this thing, even if they likely found the blog by searching people linking to that Malkin post.

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Simon Owens said...

They actually didn't take it from Moore. They purchased the footage legally from Getty Images. Michelle Malkin doesn't really bother checking her facts before posting.