Monday, February 22, 2010

February BlogMeet at Naked Chopstix

Been a while since I reviewed a sushi place.

Went to Naked Chopstix to meet this shady bunch.

Despite the trendy name and location it's a rather good sushi bar. Good quality selection of fish, fair selection. Okay enough prices. One thing that's nice is that it has a full bar for booze in addition to one for fish. Rather enjoyable place.

Good discussion and much fun by all. Also got one of Tam's free books.

Next, planning to do a little review of my Model Three.

And yes, I have the turtle.


Tam said...

Shootin' Buddy and I use Naked Tchopstix as our backup sushi bar in Broad Ripple. H2O up Broad Ripple Ave. towards Keystone is our primary, but has weird hours, so it's good to have a fallback for when we goof our scheduling. :D

The Jack said...

I'll have to check that one out.

Yeah no lunch hours that is strange.