Thursday, February 11, 2010

SNL: Our viewers are clueless!

So, SNL has a sketch on Burn Notice.

Yeah... they contrast the show's popularity and strong positive reviews of inability of the contestents, judge, and host being completely unable to know anything about the show.

I guess Google, Hulu, Wikipedia, or are completely unknown to these folks.

The Hulu and Usa links have videos of the show.

It is a quite good show. And very easy to explain. A burned (basically kicked out and blacklisted) spy has to use his covert ops training to figure out why he was burned and helps "the little people". Working with him are a gun-and-explosive-happy femme fatale and a retired Navy SEAL played by Bruce Cambell.

Very enjoyable. Even has narration that is used to great effect.

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Dark Ether said...

I think they're lampooning USA's advertising and marketing more than the show itself.