Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I don't think that word means what they think it means...

How they view the world.

Lord knows, there's not a whole lot of reason to take Chris Matthews seriously. But for giggles, let's look at his claim that the GOP is "Stalin-esque" because of the way Crist and McCain are having a rough time in the primaries. Now, obviously he's not talking about the GOP forcibly starving the Ukraine or anything like that. And presumably, Matthews isn't saying that the GOP has launched a series of show trials in which former party members in good standing are tortured or threatened with the murder of their families into giving false confessions (Crist: "In the Spring of 2009 I received secret payments by the running-dog Obama administration...."). So I gather he means that the GOP is purging discordant voices within the party or some such (that's the gist of the second quote from Matthews in the link above).

But even here, as Matthews dilutes the meaning of Stalin-esque to 9 parts water and 1 part 2% milk, Matthews still comes out a buffoon.


It would be Stalin-esque (again in the very watered down sense) if Michael Steele unilaterally booted Crist et al. from the party over the objections of the rank and file. Instead the rank and file are turning on the long anointed establishment candidates. This "purge" is a lot closer to what some romantics call "democracy" than what super-geniuses like Matthews calls "Stalin-esque."

Somewhat related is the EU idea that people have the "Right" to gov paid vacations.
I don't think "Right" means what they think it does.

Funny that people don't have the right to firearms or the right to have the government butt out of their buisness, or the right to say what they want.

But the healthcare is free! Minus those pesky taxes and having your medical choices... well not be free. Oh and if you see a private doctor, well you're out of the system. Sorry.

But it's a right!

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