Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pelosi wants YOU!

I haven't written on the Ground Zero Mosque. As it's the standard insensitivity and arrogance of those that demand tolorance and understanding. It's an issue where reasonable people seem to go "Yeah, they can legally build where they want, but sure is in poor taste," while the leftist elite scream about their newfound love of private property rights.

Tiresome really, especially given the President Present babble and all. But then someone said something really stupid. Something that turned if from a whine over whether or not people should express their displeasure at something legal but distasteful to something... else.

Nacy Pelosi's got a conspiracy theory, there's secret big money funding all this opposition and "hate" and she's going to get to the bottom of it.

Yes, really.

From Ace: Nancy Pelosi: The goverment should investigate political opposition.

Political opposition to a building project? Threat to religious freedom. Government harassment of political opponents? Just another day at the office for Democrats. Somebody should write a book. Maybe call it, "Liberal Fascism" or something.

Who is joining in this crusade against Americans who dare exercise their rights? As far as I know, not even nut jobs like Olbermann and Obama have gone that far.

Liberals are always far more concerned about imaginary rights (abortion for example) than they are real ones (ever heard of the Second Amendment).

One wonders if she'll demand the investigation of the Senate Leader
Hary Reid, who is quite outspoken against the building project (one wonders if November means anything to him). Oh wait, he got an indulgence so his stance is okay.

Allahpundit doesn't mince words

Has there been any dumber statement uttered by a major American politician this year than Pelosi calling for mosque opponents to be investigated for their thoughtcrime? In the thick of a brutal midterm campaign, with a supermajority of voters nationwide opposed to the mosque and the GOP already out to unprecedented leads on the generic ballot, facing a conservative narrative that the Democratic elite is power-mad, out of touch, and utterly contemptuous of the American public — she goes and pulls this. It’s so insane that, after I first read the quote, I was momentarily paranoid that there was some deep strategic brilliance to it that I was completely missing. But after thinking about it another five seconds, nope — she really is this wacky.

Emphasis added.

Madam Speaker, head of the House of Representatives first in line after the Vice President, one of the leaders of the Democratic party wants to investigate you.

Cheery thought, eh?

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