Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Speaking of New York State: Incentives.

Some of you may know, I used to live in Buffalo. I don't anymore.

It's all abotu incentives.

Jay G of Stuck In Massachusetts notes similar egresses of many of his friends.

Lissa and Borepatch's stories are hardly unique; Massachusetts has
been hemorrhaging residents so badly we're in danger of losing a seat
in Congress. I know easily a dozen folks (or more) who have left MA
for NH, ME, or even RI in the past five years; countless others would
leave if not for work or familial reasons. When you create a climate
openly hostile to those who want to work hard, protect what they have,
and live their lives with minimal intrusion by the government, it's
not unrealistic to expect that folks are going to get out of Dodge.

Borepatch and Lissa, I'll be sorry to see you go but happy to see you
get out of Massachusetts. I'll watch with barely-contained envy as you
leave the state behind, settling in a state where you don't have to
jump through hoops just to own a firearm; where you aren't penalized
for not having health insurance; where schools don't openly ban the
pledge of allegiance. Enjoy your new life in a state that trusts you
to act like a grown-up rather than an unruly child to be watched at
all times and fussed over, incapable of even the slightest independent

From Personal experience my life has been one westward motion. The primary driver was employment, but living in a place where I'm not treated like a subject was a very, very nice bonus.

I wonder if there's some connection?

Nah, it's not like employeers and companies can move.

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Borepatch said...

We're looking at moving south, not west (although that was a possibility; we still have a bunch of friends in Atlanta). But you're absolutely right - the attitude of being a citizen, and not a subject, is very high on our list.

I agree with the (long lost) commenter: if you want to know how someone views you, ask them about their opinion of the 2nd Amendment. Citizens are armed; subjects are not.