Monday, December 6, 2010


I was planning to have the next two chapters posted last night, then my internet went out.

Was out for both desktop and laptop, had a strange area of sites that were down and loss of functionality. First new sites would not work, then everything but messanging and ftp was down, then it was just ftp, then it was everything. Then ftp and google came back, but google was only for one tab.

Needless to say nothing I tried actually did anything, and it took a while for me to get my engineer urges of "fix and win" down to where I could give up and read instead (Shane by Jack Schaefer, very classic end there). On the upside I didn't actually loose any sleep over it.

And turns out it was something I couldn't acutally fix.

The Chicago Sun-Times says that this outage hit the Chicago- region, Northwest Indiana, parts of Michigan and Minnesota and began about 1930 CST and was fixed a little after midnight.

Ah well, will post the chapters a bit later tonight. And the breaded wing recipe hinted at here.

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