Saturday, December 11, 2010

Strange days...

First we have the National Review telling a sitting democratic congressmen: "Hey, pal, that’s the President of the United States. Show some respect."

And Jim Geraghty realizes the strangeness of the Right having to chastize a democrat openly swearing at Obama in an aside: "(How did it come to the point where we have to be the ones to demand that?)"

He also realizes that once the Left turned on Hillary Clinton they crossed a major Rubicon, anything anyone will be dumped if it got in the way of the Cause. Even Mr Unicorn himself. What's strange is how open their bile is.

And speaking of Clintons... guess who Obama got to do a press conference with him, and then kept doing it after Obama left.

So Obama descided to borrow a term from baseball? Are we looking at a Releif President?

And how's that for Mr. New politics, the man who ran against Washington establishment and Clintonian triangulation (in addition to running against Bush). He makes his primary rival his Sec State, and then he makes the previous Dem-President into... puppet President?

And from Hotair being president is hard.

The leader of the free world brought his predecessor onto the stage to pull his chestnuts out of the fire — and he’s not interested enough to stick around? The Christmas party took precedence over spending a few minutes with Clinton to pitch his own deal?  Michelle wouldn’t have understood if he, er, did his job?

How important is this deal to Obama?  Less than a Christmas party and dealing with his spouse’s irritation.  The picture on the front page says it all — he’s diminishing into a background player in his own presidency, largely because he just can’t be bothered to do any lifting for himself.

Who would have thought that Obama would be a work-shirking, responsibility-ducking, thin-skinned, hard-leftist. Oh, wait...


Joanna said...

"Michelle wouldn’t have understood if he, er, did his job?"

Asked and answered in one. Whoever wrote that doesn't have to sleep beside that woman.

The Jack said...

Heh. The media's attempts to turn Michelle into a cross between Barbie, Martha Stewart, and Galadriel was both creepy and hilarious.

The country's in the best of hands. The question is, which hands?