Saturday, May 5, 2012

When the guy sayin' the we can get all our fill by cutting into the dike's starts looking at boats...

So late Friday, Mr. A stopped by and dropped an interesting idea. He's worried about the USD losing it's reserve currency status and wanting to diversify his assets to mitigate risk.

Perfectly prudent. Though one of his ideas (hopefully jokingly) was World of Warcraft gold. Then again he was also thinking of flipping silverware and doing used cars.

But what's interesting is Mr. A, who is very pro single payer (medical care is different!), and gets very angry when you suggest he voluntarily pay the tax rate he demands that he should have to pay at (Where have we seen that before?).

In short, Mr A is a wannabee-Limousine liberal (he's not quite that well-to-do but he has the attitude and he'll do every trick in the book to get as rich as he can), and a fan of the Campaign-Socialists (he's not quite that radical in "smash the corporations" because -well- he likes his money).

Though the label he wears proudly is "Tax and Spend Democrat". And it's a neat trick. You see he gets to claim all these social policies and government spending is fiscally responsible. Because he wants to increase taxation hand in hand with spending.

But what happens when congress fails to get the tax rate hike? Well, the fiscally responsible thing would be to postpone increased spending until you can secure the money to pay for it. Right?

Nope, Mr. A claims that the Federal Goverment has a duty to spend more anyway. To ensure that all Americans have a First World class life. Yeah... he though the Julia's Life story was gangbusters.

So there you have a man that has pushes and screamed all his political life for more government spending and debt preparing to move his money to escape the consequences.

But hey, the guy does dream of being a full Limousine liberal, and if you've got the money you can insulate yourself from such fiscal calamities.

The poor and middle class? Well, the government can take care of them all. And if it doesn't? And the dike breaks? Who cares, he's bought his boat.

It's one thing to prepare for a disaster, it's another to prepare for it while agitating to ensure it occurs.

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