Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colorado that much closer.

So both goons were recalled.

Giron by a very impressive margin.  It was high risk, and they threw everything they had into it.

And now...  they're pretending it didn't happen.  Or that it doesn't count because the control of the Senate didn't flip  or that the laws are still active (wow legislation wasn't removed due to a recall vote!).

Sebastian has a roundup. 

Dave Kopel also points out what really struck a nerve.   More than pushing for gun control it was how they treated the opposition:

As it turns out, Morse and Giron sealed their fates on March 4, the day that the anti-gun bills were heard in Senate committees. At Morse’s instruction, only 90 minutes of testimony per side were allowed on each of the gun bills. As a result, hundreds of Colorado citizens were prevented from testifying even briefly. Many of them had driven hours to come to the Capitol, traveling from all over the state.

Rushing and squelching dissident is not the mark of someone confident in their laws.

Well, at least they didn't try to pass the law at midnight and after the Governor had falsely declared a state of emergency.   (Why?  Because New York has a waiting period for legislation, and Cuomo wanted to bypass it. Gee, waiting periods are dandy for guns but not laws eh?)

Also if Cuomo was really confidence he would have let the bill stand for the legally required time,  but he didn't.

Why it's like these goons are scared of people finding out what they're up to?

Course things are getting "interesting"  in NY.  With many Sheriffs saying they won't enforce SAFE.

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