Thursday, September 12, 2013

Screw you; I got Mine! (Drug legalization edition)

Often I've praised Cracked for giving some real counter-culture messaging.

But today they'e got a post on why Legalizing Marijuana might be *bad*.

Reading this I got the vibe of someone with a May Issue card clutching their pearls about Shall Issue or someone wit a Machine Gun ranting about how Repealing Hughes is a bad idea.  It was very much in the "We can't let the commoners into our clubhouse!"

With such lines like: "Don't let the words "medicinal use" lead you to believe otherwise. If you can't get a weed card in a medical marijuana state, you just plain don't want to get high."

And moaning that if weed isn't "Medicine" then it'll be restricted like tobacco and seen as a recreational drug like booze. 

And then weed will get all commercial with obnoxious ads and profits going to big corporations! And it'll be like beer.... with a bunch of giant conglomerates making crap but a lot of selection of good stuff. Which the author readily admits,  but is, apparently, not good enough for him.

And oh yeah, full legalization would avoid the whole "This requires me to commit medical fraud."
Nevermind that in the current medical pot setup many places operate with a supplier monopoly...  And that many of the big corporate growers are actually fighting to *fight* full legalization.

And really, you don't want people to be able to pick what they want because the commercials will be inane and you might be treated like those other dirty recreational drug users?

Well hey, you got your .gov permit card. Screw those who can't get 'em.

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