Sunday, April 5, 2009

The 90% Lie.

In addition to the creepy economic controls. Let's see how the admin is going on civil rights.

Bob Owens
I've said before that the anti-gun forces in this country must lie about the horrors of firearms, because reality won't to stoke a level of fear that would convince the American people to give up their Constitutional rights.
An anti-gun lie being pushed hard recently is that 90 % of the guns used to commit violent crime in Mexico come from the United States. Democrats favoring more gun control have been hammering that claim repeatedly, claiming the violence in Mexico justifies further restrictions here in the United States.

But the 90% figure refers to the number of guns sent to the US for tracking. 90% percent of the guns Mexico sends to the US for tracking are found to be US in origin.

The honest question to ask is: What percentage of captured guns does Mexico send up to the US? Clearly, they wouldn't sent guns of obvious non-US manufacture to the US. Well it turns out the US guns are only 17% of total.

Glen Reynolds gets to the heart of it. "So when you hear the Mexican Gun Canard, bear in mind that it’s a lie, told by people who want to manipulate American politics with a phony foreign connection."

These are lies to try to stir up fear in the populace so they can get away with their control.


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