Sunday, April 5, 2009

Obama ties to Wish Nukes Away. North Korea Shoots Missle.

The wish: Obama“I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons,”

The reality:
But few believed that North Korea’s long-range, multi-stage rocket test had anything to do with communications, other than sending a warning to its neighbors. While North Korea claimed Sunday that their satellite was successfully deployed to launch its space program, U.S. and South Korean watchers said no satellite or other object went into orbit as a result of the launch.

Ed Morrissey has more thoughts.

People will react by saying, “Well, what’s wrong with wishing away nuclear weapons?” Nothing, up until we base American foreign policy on wishful thinking. We’ve been fully committed to non-proliferation for decades, and we can see how well that worked with the North Korea launch. We’re now almost two full decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the MAD standoff, and nuclear weapons haven’t disappeared — they’ve spread despite supposed commitments from Russia, China, and other nuclear nations to stop proliferation.

Unfortunately, the science won’t disappear. Nations that put enough effort into R&D will eventually figure out a design for nuclear weapons. Networks like the AQ Khan ring will sell the designs to dictators desperate enough to want them to cement their power. Lunatics, such at the Iranian mullahcracy, will pursue nuclear weapons to arrange their personal Armageddons. Quite literally, the only way to stamp out the danger of nuclear weapons is to depose every potential lunatic who might use them — which the nations of the West absolutely refuse to do, and which would actually underscore the security nukes bring to dictators. No one would depose an already-nuclear despot and risk all-out nuclear war, especially one with medium- and long-range missiles, like North Korea and Kim Jong-Il.

Emphasis added. Does Obama really understand what it would take to get rid of ALL the nukes? Does he really think North Korea, or say Iran in a bit, will give up their strongest diplomatic barganing chip?

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