Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bow?

White House says Obama didn't bow to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Hmm... so who you going to trust? Your eyes or the White House?

Now Bush and past presidents have done some very differential things to the Saudis too (bowing accepting medals, accepting swords, ect), but they at least didn't try to deny it.

I guess the best way to cover Obama's goofs on diplomatic protocol is to pretend they never happened. Though for this to work it depends on the press playing along and taking their orders from the White House.

Press Sec Gibs: I may have read that in a few of your publications or seen it on a couple of your news channels, but I appreciate your simply regurgitating what I say on such an easy basis.

Oh... well there we go.

Ed Morrissey asks: Will the media finally report this, as Ben Smith did, now that the White House is trying to deny the obvious and rewrite history? Or will they continue to sit silently while Obama tinkles on their heads and calls it rain? (also thanks to HA reader Geoff A)

Most Transparent Administration Ever. Let me repeat that to me the bigger deal is not the bow but the coverup, especially since this coverup depends on the mass media to be submissive to Obama's will.

Don't believe your lying eyes! Trust the One!

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