Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Continuing a theme... or "Mean Old Reality"

Austin Bay on Strategypage on what happens when Smart Diplomacy hits reality.

Consider this list of major crises President Obama confronts -- and
this is a list, not a rank order, for events within the next 24 hours,
a North Korean nuke striking Seoul, for example, or a Greek default,
could radically order any precedence:

1) The economy, 2) the Middle East, 3) Gulf of Mexico oil spill, 4)
Korea on the brink, 5) Global War on Terror (GWOT), 6) illegal
immigration and border security, 7) divisive domestic agenda (health
care, taxes, cap and trade).

Let's see how long the administration takes to figure out what's going wrong with all of these events...

Obama confronts converging crises -- crises exacerbated by the
perception he is weak. Hope has turned to cope, and just barely so.
How Obama succeeds or fails in each of these immanent crises will
either make or break his administration.

Well... we're boned.

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