Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gun Control. Never enough. Not even in China.

That's Mitch Moxley's view on Chinese Gun Control. He seriously thinks that a communist regime isn't strict enough.

[T]he gun control laws later implemented by Mao and the Communist Party [are] some of the most severe firearms laws in the world. China has imposed a blanket ban on gun ownership, including replicas. Since 1966, the government has prohibited the private manufacture, sale, transport, possession and import or export of bullets and guns.

Possessing a single gun can yield a three-year prison sentence, while perpetrators of gun crimes are often executed.

Moxley then goes on to list criminal activities and try to link them with "gun culture". Then we get this gem of an end.

China introduced gun control in 1966, after children armed with rifles shot out a window at the Great Hall of the People at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing while trying to hit a sparrow, according to official MPS history. The government cracked down harder on gun ownership after the 1989 pro- democracy demonstrations.

It needs to crack down even harder on today's rising gun crime.

Emphasis added.

There you go, in his own words Moxley shows that gun control is done expresssly to facilitate govermental control, and he wants more. Repression in response to protest is good in this man's view.

Gun grabbers are on the side of the totalitarians, and there is no ammount of private firearms use that they condone.

Even China doesn't go far enough.

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