Monday, June 7, 2010


What happens when you become serfs and subjects.

Some Notes On The Cumbria Shootings by pdb

# Derrick Bird spent three and a half hours shooting people with (presumably) a sporting double with birdshot. Yet in all that time, he was tailed by police and they never closed to engage! Are cops over there cockless cowards or what?

# In the hands of a psychopath, even a Fudd-friendly, slow to reload sporting double with wimpy birdshot can rack up a big score

He goes on to predict the doom of UK gun culture (what little there is with under 1% ownership).

And some lessons the key one being:

# You are on your own! The police may be restrained by lack of testicular fortitude or bureaucratic sanction. Their only official job is to count the bodies, not to actually protect you or your loved ones.

Go and read the final warning.

The comments are good as well.

Note that when you make the populace meek and unable to resist a several hour rampage of one man with a 22 and a shotgun, consider how weak they'd be at the hands of a government with aims of control.

If you the public is totally helpless at the machinations of one nut, what will they do against a state with totalitarian goals?

Or is it as most of us fear, already far, far too late?

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