Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Andrew Traver

Well after two years Obama's finally picked someone to head the BATF.
And let's go through the list.

Chicago crony? Check
For "limit[ing] the sale of multiple handguns"? Check
For banning private person to person gun sales? Check
Which is also removing the "gun show loophole" so double Check.
For "Congress enact[ing] an effective ban on military-style assault weapons"? Check
For "an effective ban on .50-caliber sniper rifles"? Check again.
Ties with the of the Joyce foundation? Again Check


Notes from here.

Some more basic info here.

And a more detailed bio here.

This'll be a confirmation hearing to watch. And a man and an agency to keep a real eye on.

Link walk started by the prof.

Edit: Am I surprised? Not really, this is the kind of guy that Obama'd pick. I am a bit interested that he picked the guy now. I guess such a confirmation would be damaging during the election season. Lame duck time?

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