Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peons and Servants

As predicted the Media's bleating about the US being ungovernable because Dear Leader isn't being reveired as much as he used to.

Commenting here Tam wins: “I was unaware that I had asked to be governed, public servant.”

The problem is never with the leftist brain-trust trying to run our lives, no it's with the uppity peons. If only the government had more power, if only Obama had more staff (what dozens of new czars wasn't enough?), if only you stupid rubes would just shut up and let the government help you.

On a related note the administration found another way to "govern".
They want to mandate cell phone jammers in all new cars... for the children of course. Never mind the issues of constitutionality, enforceability, or even base functionality (how does the jammer know to jam only the driver's phone? Or is it illegal to use a cell phone anywhere near a car inside or outside). And then there's that the whole "distracted divers" plague is greatly exaggerated.

I know, government overstating a problem in order to justify some crackpot liberty lessening scheme. Shocking.

And if you have a real problem with the government doing this, well, just get a waiver. Then the law won't apply to you.

Oh wait.

"Can you and I get waivers from Obamacare? No! But big companies, big unions, and big universities can."

Well, okay then, just make sure you work for or are a member of one of these groups.

Remember to be among those that govern. Because you don't want to be among the governed.


Joanna said...

So you're either in the boot, or under it.


Irene said...

The use of the cell phone jammers will effectively disable cellular phones. Generally, these devices can be used at any location, but are found primarily in such places where a phone call is really troublesome because silence is preferred.

Joanna said...

Ooh, you got spam!

The Jack said...

Wow and the avatar's even a budgie!

Joanna said...

OMG it is a budgie. I LOL'd.