Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No one's a villain their own eyes.

But they're oven a victim. Of course it helps to have the New York Times at your back.
You see Holder's a victim. All these challenges for him to explain his actions and turn over documents as ordered by the House of Representatives... it's all for racism.

Never mind why the ATF put thousands of guns into the hands of drug gangs in Mexico, without tracking the weapons and without even informing the Mexican government.

Never mind that the operation resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and at least one US citizen border agent Brian Terry.

Never mind that the ATF has been documented saying they'll use the blood bath resulting from said operation to call for more gun control.

Never mind that there is documentation that the Justice Department and the ATF have lied to Congress about said operation.

Never mind that Holder continues to cover for said operation and stonewall the Congressional investigation.

And never mind that if Holder really did not know about the opeartion it somply raises more questions:

If you didn’t know about Operation Fast and Furious then why aren’t you outraged? Why aren’t you firing those who are responsible for the operation? Why aren’t you cleaning house? Why aren’t you outraged that the people who started this operation haven’t been identified? Why aren’t you outraged that when people found out about Operation Fast and Furious (including your second in command) did nothing to stop it and more importantly did not tell you? I can’t speak for the others, but the fact it appears you don’t care something like this happened bothers me a lot.

Yes, if you look at the idea of limited, representation government.

This is literally agents of the US government involved in a false-flag operation illegally smuggling arms in another nation and then using the result and bloodshed to justify restricting a constitutional right.

And here we have the US Attorney General himself, the head of the United States Justice department stonewalling a congressional investigation and acting like he's the aggrieved party.

There you have it. Racism in America: Asking Democrats about a conspiracy that killed hundreds of Mexican citizens.

Or maybe Racist Realpolitik in America. Because we bitter-clingers couldn't possibly care about those dead people or about rights, no it's all because we were tough on Ashcroft and Gonzales so you're just looking for some tit-for-tat.

This is the lens they see the world through: it's all about race (Gonzales doesn't count because he was a Republican you know) and politics.

Let's give them more power over our lives! I'm sure they won't abuse it.

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