Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Only Ones, Dead Rats, Prostitute Police Taxis, and A European perspective.

Via Jay G we have some grand creepy "only one" abuse.

BOSTON (CBS) – An MBTA police officer is suspended after he was caught mailing dead rats. The I-Team has learned it stemmed from possible involvement with prostitutes.

Why? Well the rats were sent to a John that didn't pay. And the officer's involvement? Well he was using his police cruiser to provide escort for the... escorts.

And Jay G does title his post: Remember, Only the Police Should Have Guns...

I was talking with someone, mentioned this story, and got this response: "Stories like this make me glad our police aren't armed."

Now she lives in a European nation where handguns are illegal, so are semi-auto rifles, and the rest shotguns and bolts are the toys of the rich.

There's almost a bit of honesty in the idea that everyone should be disarmed. Not just the "proles" but also the agents of the state.

Of course it's a fantasy, because there will always be some agents of the state (special police or military) that are armed with guns. The whole threat of force is what makes a person comply with the state. And then there's those that will simply smuggle or make their own guns.

But even if you suppose a state somehow existed with no guns at all what would you have?
Well... look to the past. Violence and crime are not new.

In fact removing guns turns violence into the field of muscle and vigor. Now age and physical fitness and size become paramount.

So there's still violence, and it becomes truly Darwinian where the smaller and weaker and older have far far less power against the younger and stronger. But at least it won't be any "Gun Death".

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