Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ATTN PA Gunnies: Contact Pat Toomey on his Gun Control Bill

Republican Senator Pat Toomey has "negotiated" a deal with Sen. Joe Manchin and has not given any details.

Bitter urges you to call and call again.

I doubt a flood of calls will truly change his mind at this point, but the debate isn’t over and there have been no votes cast, so the message that gun owners are not happy needs to be sent loud and clear.

I’m just baffled. I would not agree with a vote on a bill, but I can at least understand the pressure to cast a vote will be an issue for some senators on both sides of the aisle. But, this, this is just politically stupid. Now the narrative is that Sen. Toomey is writing gun control bills. He isn’t just under pressure to vote in this case, he went out of his way to write a bill.

As a reader on Twitter noted, Pat Toomey just gave a political victory to Obama, and I would argue that we just lost at least two House GOP votes from Pennsylvania on this issue, if not three to four votes. (Toomey’s support now makes it damn near politically impossible for Representatives Fitzpatrick and Meehan to oppose the bill. It makes it very tough for Gerlach and, perhaps, Dent.)

 And not only that but as a commenter notes this is:
Remember folks, this is closing the gun show loophole. That term fell out of favor, but here we have a conservative Republican from PA writing a bill to close the gun show loophole.

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