Monday, April 1, 2013

The importance of being heard.

Sebastian looks at the negotiations on the whole Private Sale Ban / Background Check ban.

And he wonders on the whole issue of "If the choice is between bad and disastrous, do you risk disastrous?" and if "Something Must be Done"  what do you have getting passed?

It ends with this:

If all 80 million, or hell, even 20 million, gun owners called or wrote their Senators, we would not even be having this conversation, but the reality is most will not. Meanwhile, Bloomberg will continue to run ads telling everyone how reasonable “universal background checks” are, and who could be opposed to that? The White House will continue to twist arms. Lobbyists on their side tell lawmakers to look at their polling, and try to convince them any opposition to gun control is already baked into the election figured. Our lobbyists will show their polling, and threaten to upset apple carts in 2014. Can we keep 41 Senators? How confident would you be?

One thing you can do is be part of that minority that will call or write.  And can then be out there convincing friends and family and others.   I've gun into people touting how wonderful "universal background checks" are who got angry when I pointed out that it was a Private Sale ban.  

One got angry at being lied too, the other got angry at me and said it was a Faux news hoax.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

When the choice is between bad and disasterous, pick disasterous. We want DiFi to add her semi-auto ban to the bill. We want every single bad anti-gun idea Christmas treeing this bill up until it is a black hole of suck and fail.

We want it to be as bad as is humanly possible to be so that no one aside from DiFi and Shumer dares to vote for this bill.

And if by some horrific disaster they manage to pass it, we start shooting back. Anything else is a negotiated surrender.