Monday, July 1, 2013

Attention Illinois Gunnies: Chicagoland Preemptive Gun Ban Meetings & Amendatory Veto

First up a bunch of towns around Chicago are holding meetings to talk about new gun bans (to get in before the CCW legislation is enacted).

Check out the list here and see if you live in the area and attend if you can.

And speaking of the CCW legislation...   Governor Quinn has announced what he'll do.   He'll take a CCW SHall issue bill and try to turn it into an NYC style May Issue bill complete with a ban on most all pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

The governor is fond of saying “let the will of the people be the law of the land”.  Well, governor, when 85 representatives and forty-some senators vote on a bi-partisan compromise measure, that would seem to be the overwhelming will of the people.
Our prediction:  Quinn’s amendatory veto will be over-ridden, most lickety-split.
We’ll even predict when it will happen:  July 9, 2013 or July 10th at the latest.  The only wildcard, so to speak, is whether or not Senate President Cullerton will call the bill for a vote on the veto.  Three weeks ago, the talk was that Cullerton might be reluctant to call the bill.  Today, there’s talk that even Kwame Raoul might vote for an over-ride.
This governor is incredibly unpopular even among his former allies.  Nobody wants to stand with Quinn on this, aside from his also unpopular Lt. Governor Sheila Simon who is Quinn’s intellectual match.

You're gonna want to contact your legislators to kill this.   Fortunately there needs to be a vote to support the veto.  Unfortunately there would need to be a vote to override it.   Fortunately again, there was enough votes the first time around to override... so call and give pressure so it can happen again.

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