Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gunnies Helping Gunnies.

Erin has a list of some people that could really use your help.

Go and do what you can,  even if it's only a couple bucks. It really can add up, and if we can't help friends of friends when they need it what's the point?   What goes around comes around... or stops.

And meanwhile the Gov of Illinois is showing imperial tendencies, by basically rewriting laws as he sees fit. All while being a sanctimonious, nannying prick about it.  If you live in Illinois you need to get on the horn with your legislators to ensure this veto gets overridden.  Some say it's DOA.  Hopefully, but stranger things have gotten through.  And it does show the level of contempt these clowns have for us.

It sounds like they aren't even going to consider Quin's  amendatory veto bill, but this is Illinois.

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