Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Civil Disobedience

Each of person in that circle is guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor of magazine transfer punishable by $1k and up to a year in jail.

Tell me again how gun control is common sense?  Or will reduce crime?  Or is even enforceable.

But hey,  it's another law the State can selectively enforce to punish it's enemies.

Kinda like this... Obama Admin to Delay implementation of the Health care Mandate until 2015

Yeah... so they unilaterally say they won't enforce part of a law that they defended before the Supreme Court.    Oh gee... look at the calendar.

Update:  For clarity.  The individual mandate will still be enforced.  It's the employer mandate that won't.  That's right  YOU will be punished for not getting insurance,  your employer... doesn't have to offer it.  Hope you like those state exchanges suckers!

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