Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Politics and Power.

Why the choices for our energy needs are more complicated and unpleasant than simple slogans like: "No Blood for Oil," "We can save the World," and "Change.

Victor Handson lays it out. It's a real shame that none of the three people in the presidential running have anything serious or measured.

Reality makes things troubling.

He has another post today on "What's Wrong with Republicans?"

In short, low taxes, secure borders, moral governance, sober government spending, ethical leadership, exploration and conservation of petroleum, and strong defense is what the American public wants — but those core principles have to be articulated hourly and can't be compromised. In an honest debate, Obama's alternatives to the above would be to turn toward more government, higher taxes, more bureaucracies, more dependence of the individual upon the state, etc. And I can't believe the public wants a prescription that historically simply doesn't work.

I hope Hanson is right about the public knowing that, but when you get down do it. This leftist euro-statist-claptrap is exactly the type of "Change" BHO talks about, whenever you can get him to actually come down to the mortal sphere.

I also hope, oh irony, that McCain and the Republicans do capitalize on this, and actually get their message out.

We'll see.

An rounding it out, an illuminating little article on Kosavo by Totten on Moderate Muslims.

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