Monday, May 19, 2008

Special treatment

We're now seeing more of those "Obama Rules"

He got angry when people were critical of statements his wife said in political speeches.

Barry being the classy guy he is, has never been critical of Hillary Clinton's spouse's statements...

Oh wait.

Ed Morrissey has more.

If Obama doesn’t want his wife to receive criticism, then he shouldn’t use her as a surrogate on the campaign trail. Whatever she says on the stump at campaign events is fair game for criticism, just as it has been with Bill Clinton. Obama’s camp has unloaded on the former President for statements he made about Hillary’s loss in South Carolina and several other incidents in which they believe Bill played the race card to explain Obama’s success. Bill’s not running for anything this year, but he has made himself a public figure in this primary race, and his statements are also legitimate targets for attack.

I'm not sure looking like a petulant whiner is a good plan.

And here you can see Barry talking about the Soviet Union, Iran, and other bits of diplomacy.

It's an amazing mixture of naiveté, ignorance, and arrogance. To anyone with a passing knowledge of history and knows why the Berlin Wall fell, it's very amusing. Until you realize that this man is a serious contender to become president.

Moving on to other details here's the... nuanced view of Iraq that Barry holds.
Remember how he talked about new politics and transparency? Try to find out his actual plan for Iraq.

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