Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Media: McCain's always wrong.

In the eyes of the Media McCain just can't win

"Instead of firing Cox, McCain should explain how his policies differ from President Bush on this issue," added Sen. Chuck Schumer.

How does McCain differ from Bush on this issue? Well, for starters, McCain... wants to fire Chris Cox.

And more on the "Just can't win" idea.

In summary the Washington Post thinks McCain shouldn't made an attack ad based on "flimsy" evidence; that evidence being reporting from the Washington Post.
Glen Reynolds: Really, if you were trying< to discredit the traditional media it would be hard to do better than they've been doing themselves.

Meanwhile the meida is playing the race card. For just about any critism against Obama.

Glen Reynolds asks: "Meanwhile, if Obama is President, will Time regard every criticism of his administration as racist?"

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