Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Pig?

Victor Davis Hanson has some thoughts on what's going on with Obama.
Instead of Obama doing his set-piece stumps he's improvising comments and it's "almost as if Obama were obsessed by Palin, his doppelgänger, and intent on making the past charges against him work now on her."

Posting on Pajamas Media Hanson has more

Recently Obama himself has panicked over Palin. He lashed out, and has shown himself unsteady. He apparently thinks that hope-and-change Sarah is all fluff, has fooled the nation that doesn't see, as he alone does, that she is empty, resents her glibness and her youth, feels she doesn't have enough experience and has hoodwinked the voters, and finds her soaring speeches vapid.
In other words, he knows what worked for him—and is furious because he suspects that his doppelgänger at the 11th hour might be working it even better. In a Freudian sense, he knows he is inexperienced as he once confessed, and is angry that we don't sense it about Palin. If he doesn't watch it, on one of these hand-in-mike outings, he will yell, "Hey, she's just like me. I know that better than anyone. What's going on here!"

A better response to the "smears" against Palin, including Obama's nebulous "lipstick remark.
My idea on Palin is: Keep her light; let her be light. Let her laugh things off. Let her skewer with poise and pleasure, as she did in Minnesota. It would be so great if she cut an ad mocking the upcoming Streisand fundraiser for Obama — maybe have her sit in an Anchorage tavern, pointing out the difference between the local entertainment and Barbra in L.A.

Some other thoughts on how a pattern is emerging.

I can tell you that using such a loaded phrase, when so many Democrats are still furious at Obama's perceived disrespect towards Hillary Clinton (especially considering his previous incidents of sexism, such as when he dismissively addresses a reporter as "sweetie"), is the work of someone who is either a neophyte, or who has a political deathwish.

Why it's just... not wise for Obama to say such things. Better be safe than sorry.

Take this comment Obama made later on in his speech. If Palin responds, a joke that shows confidence in herself, would simultaneously undermine Obama's -well- competence.

Mark Krikorian thinks that joke is the best way to go. His idea may be too subtle, though if it works could be quite funny.

Jim Geraghty ponders on coincidences.
Barack Obama probably didn't mean to infer that Sarah Palin is a pig with his lipstick comment yesterday. It's just a really big coincidence that when he's facing a woman opponent, the most eloquent and gifted orator in the Democratic Party in recent memory just happens to pick really awkward metaphors that have secondary meanings that many women would find demeaning.

"This is exactly what it looks like: amateur hour. We should say so, and have fun with it." Andy McCarthy
This is the closing to a good post of his showing just why Obama is having these troubles, and again key here is having fun and humor.

But did McCain simply play Obama? McCain camp releases a new ad contrasting Obama's rehtoric versus his reality.
Personally, I thought the "Lipstick" ad was created just to tick off The One and throw him off-message. And it succeeded. This latest ad, though, peels back the hopechangehappyunicornfarts message and shows Obama for what he really is - just another politician. And given the vacuousness of his policy proposals, he can't afford to be seen as simply a politician.

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Bob McCarty Writes said...

How can people describe Barack Obama as a “gifted orator” when his oratorical prowess surfaces only when he is using a teleprompter? In a recent post, I highlighted a media interview during which Obama used variations of the word, “Uhh,” a total of 30 times during the interview that lasted two minutes and 47 seconds. That’s almost 10 times per minute!