Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting closer to SmartBlood

As the Prof says "Well it is the 21st century...."

The U.S. has finally developed artificial blood. It is grown from umbilical cord cells and genetically modified animal cells. It won’t be available for use for another five years (lots of testing and production optimization required), and will cost about $1,000 a pint (450 millileters).

This is a technology that bears watching and has some real future aplications, given the complexity of biological fluids and tissues.

Oh, and kudos to anyone that gets the title reference. Wonder how progress is going on the BrainPal.

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neb said...

Love the Scalzi reference. I Googled SmartBlood and this post was the top hit.

I was trying to explain SmartBlood to someone and had hoped to find a quick definition. My BrainPal is obviously being blocked by the Obin.