Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's like they don't trust the government.

A reader writes to Glen Reynolds about the buisness environment.

The past two years, but this year especially, the single most common thought passed on by employers has been “I’m not sure I want to hire anyone right now, until we know what’s going to happen with taxes and medical coverage”. This is understandable, as these two items make up huge parts of a business’s outgoing spending. Not knowing what they will be nailed with, a LOT of small employers are taking the only safe road. They are putting expansion and hiring plans on hold, till the business environment regains some sanity.

Clearly the President needs another speech to vilify business and promise another boatload of sweeping changes via gigantic legislation.

That should remove their worries.

Or maybe an unemployment mandate (take a page from healthcare)? People will have to get jobs, and if they cannot find one in a private sector one in the public will be provided.

If they fail to get any job then regretfully they will have to be punished. Can't have people out there wrecking the economy can we?

And if this scheme sounds a bit... familiar. That just means it'll work this time!

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