Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sebastian asks some questions about what it means to infringe on a right.
He just pretends that it's not a gun right in question:

Is [Chicago's] ban on firing ranges constitutional? Wouldn’t the right to keep and bear arms necessarily have to extend to the right to practice and drill with arms? Could Chicago ban adult literacy education centers within the city’s borders? Or ban teaching of English Literature Appreciation? Ban spelling bees? Outlaw teaching of foreign languages?

Is the 100 dollar fee they are charging for licenses just fine too? What if they charged a 100 dollar fee to be paid before having an abortion? What if they charged 100 dollars for a marriage license? Or charged 100 dollars for a demonstration permit? The Courts have generally frowned on license fees in exercise of fundamental rights that are punitive in nature, rather than to cover filing and processing costs.

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