Friday, July 23, 2010

"Holistic" Governance

It's all connected. Statism is statism, whether it's denying your
right to defend yourself or denying your right to get what medical
care you want.

In other words, both the gun control statists and the health care statists believe that we are fundamentally irrational creatures incapable of managing our lives. Hence, the government must restrict our freedoms for our own good.

The statists’ paternalistic view of human nature also explains their constant double-standards. Men like Berwick believe they are qualified to impose draconian rules over the citizenry, because we cannot make such decisions for ourselves. But as the wiser “leaders,” they need not follow the same rules themselves.

Hence, Berwick has exempted himself from his own Medicare restrictions. Similarly, many of the strongest opponents of gun rights have no qualms about using their political “pull” to enable themselves and their cronies to carry guns for self-protection.

(A similar double-standard exists with the global warming issue, where climate alarmists berate ordinary Americans for their “carbon footprints,” while jet-setting to international conferences to criticize the very industrial society that makes such air travel possible. The climate alarmists’ proposed carbon restrictions are apparently for the little people only.)

In short, know your place serf.

This aslo applies to things like taxes. You see, Sen Kerry keeps his yacht in a tax haven to avoid the high taxes in the city he represents.

Taxes, like rationing, regulation, and restrictions are for the little peopel.

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